I write mainly about books and history, but you may also see posts about films or music; indeed, I will pen a few lines about anything that I myself would find interesting or which might inspire intelligent, rational thought or discussion.

I try not to post quick rants (or to encourage such responses), so I tend to avoid politics and religion online!

I have been an avid reader for as long as I can remember, and read a fairly even mix of fiction and non-fiction. I will confess that the majority of my reading has a historical connection, but I do pick up other things as well.

I always review the books I read; prior to this blog, on Goodreads and Amazon (and I will still post copies of these reviews there). I feel that we should all review the books we read to help other readers, even if it’s only to leave a rating. I’ve written about ratings in reviews in an earlier post.

I have some favourite authors, but when I’m looking for new books, I do read reviews; they can be informative, often amusing, sometimes ridiculous, and if you read a selection, you can normally sort the wheat from the chaff.

This site allows me to write longer reviews, and also to dabble in more general thoughts about books and anything else.

History has been another lifelong passion, so I will post about general history topics as well. There are currently a very healthy number of history programmes on TV, an increasing number of podcasts devoted to the subject, and a burgeoning new group of highly visible historians. I watch, read and listen to as many as I can, and some provoke quite strong thoughts which I may feel compelled to share with you…

I have a few health problems too (Crohn’s Disease, Chronic Fatigue and Osteoporosis), which means you will see the odd post about living with chronic illness.

If you want to know a bit more about me, then why not take a look at my lists page; or just ask!

I live in Bath in the UK.



All views published on this site are my own.

I do not receive any payment or reward for the reviews I write, nor do I have any association with any publisher or author. I have, in the past, received a couple of free advance copies for review in other places. If a book is received under similar circumstances, I will state this clearly at the beginning of the review, and it will not stop me giving my honest opinion.

I am a participant in the Amazon Associates Programme, which means that if you click through to Amazon from my pages and buy anything, I will earn a small commission. It helps me maintain this site.

Any posts related to health matters are, again, based on my own experience and opinions. I am not a doctor, so you should address any issues to an appropriate health professional.